UK Telecoms Trends 2015

uk telecoms trendsIn 2015, UK telecoms trends are after taking another massive turn. With the increase of VoIP usage among businesses, there is a lot to take note of and understand. Telecoms in the UK is at a critical point in terms of – unhealthy competition, BT’s and Ofcom’s relationship, as well as, enormous infrastructure change, which is currently under way.

Broadband Roll-Out in Rural Areas

Major players in the telecoms market are planning a large-scale investment towards rural broadband, with an estimated £3 billion worth of funding. People living within these rural communities are urged to contact the powers that be and register their interest before any investment will be made. This type of investment will be a huge step forward for the UK market as it will allow for better communication across all walks of life and business.

Peter Farrell, a restaurateur from Cornwall has said – “This investment for rural telecoms will be a massive boost to our local community. It will allow us to keep up with the rest of Britain, in terms of – downloading films, music and doing business online. It gives us the power to work and learn from the comfort of our homes and it will take us out of the dark ages in a sense”

Go4 Communications – UK Telecoms Trends 2015

Alan Gray, CEO of Go4 Communications Ltd said recently – “The telecoms industry in the UK is going through a massive change right now, with what will hopefully be, positive outcomes for the residents of this nation. We at Go4 always uphold the standards set by our industry regulator, Ofcom. No matter where you are in the country, every person should have access to high-speed broadband and be able to utilise it for all areas of their lives.

If you choose to use it for business purposes, then our Go4 prices will not be beaten. We love competition and see it as a great way to improve our service every day, which is what we always aim to do.”

Article – UK Telecoms Trends 2015, written by David Monaghan.