UK Business Broadband Jargon-Buster

A recent study conducted by the firm daisy has found that more than a quarter of SME owners find the technology involved in their broadband connectivity to be a confusing issue. Educating yourself on the digital services you can’t do without, can save much panic should you ever encounter technical issues with your UK business broadband. Knowledge is power.


Over a thousand business owners were surveyed on UK business broadband, of those, 29% were unable to explain what broadband is, a staggering proportion considering many businesses are wholly reliant on their internet connectivity to conduct business. Broadband is high-speed internet, a connection which allows you to send and receive digital data of different types simultaneously.


The phrase “Fibre broadband” confuses 44% of SME owners, the reality is that it is just broadband usingUK business broadband glass-fibre cables to make your upload and downloads super-fast.


Wifi befuddled 20% of the sample group. Wifi stands for “wireless fidelity;” it is the signal which you use when you connect a wireless device to the internet, like a smartphone or tablet.

The Cloud

Another point of confusion is “the cloud,” with 43% of SME owners surveyed confessing to having little or no knowledge on the subject. The cloud is a large server network that allows access to apps, software, databases and anything you can imagine would be utilised by UK business broadband users. Cloud based services have become increasingly popular in the last few years, as giving your customers access to your digital services on the go could mean a better looking bottom-line!


This is one of the more obscure terms, eluding 75% of the people questioned. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and is a shorthand for the technology used in conference calls, video conferences and other forms of digital communications between multiple people.

Simplifying UK business broadband jargon

Now you’re in the know! Next time your provider offers you any of these services you’ll have a better handle on what you’re in for.

Michael Shields, Project Manager for teltel FM recently stated that “UK businesses will go further when those running them bring their technical knowledge into the 21st century. The playing field has changed, digital commerce has become streamlined and efficient, so it’s never been more important to know how your business should best utilise the myriad features of the modern digital landscape!”