Switching Landline provider? Here’s how!

switching landline providerSwitching landline providers can seem like a hellish task, especially now there are so many companies to choose from. With that, there are now so many other services and bundles to choose from, which include – broadband, TV and mobile. The trick is – try to find the correct telecoms provider for your particular needs.

Guidelines to follow when switching landline provider

Within telecoms, there are only 2 ways of switching your typical landline phone service. There is – ‘cease & re-provide’ and ‘gaining provider led’. Some phone providers obviously use either process, which will impact your needs as a customer in terms of the type of connection you have, and need.

If you want to hold onto your current landline number, you must notify your new provider of this. They can then perform a number port from your previous provider to your new one. Each telecoms provider is different and can have very different processes in terms of switching. If you talk to your new provider, they will be able to inform you of what you need to do to make this process easier.

Note: All customers have 14 calendar days from the start of your contract, which gives you time to think about your decision and if you still want to go ahead with it.

Process 1 – Gaining Provider Led

Under this process, the transfer will be prepared and completed by your new telecoms providers. All you will need to do is – notify your new provider and they will then inform your previous provider. If you change your mind, you must notify your intended provider within the 14 working day period as discussed previously.

Also, a letter is required which states:

• Affected services (if any)
• Unaffected services (if any)
• Termination charges from your previous provider (if any)

Process 2 – Cease and Re-Provide

With regard to ‘cease and re-provide’ – this occurs generally with service providers that use different networks i.e. Virgin. Normally, you will be notified by your previous provider with regard to your contracts end. This will include any outstanding charges that may have been incurred.

Note: In the case of a ‘cease and re-provide’, a new line will need to be installed in your home.

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