Mobile Tracking & Your Business

Tom Fairclough, CEO of a small logistics firm in South Wales has said: “Mobile tracking has allowed our business to increase the time in which we deliver our goods, which in turn, has had a knock-on effect in terms of overall business revenue. The software has only been implemented 6 months, but we are already seeing a massive improvement. I would highly recommend it as it gives us extra peace of mind with regard to our most important resources, our staff. Their safety is our priority and we take that very seriously.”

Why Mobile Tracking for your Business?

So, what is mobile tracking and why does your business need it? Mobile and vehicle tracking allow you to know where your vehicles are, where your employees are and if they are safe or not. With that, Fleet-Tracker can display real-time vehicle locations and provide you with traffic updates that can make your drivers life a lot easier. This will then improve efficiency for your business, increase productivity and allow you to implement the smoothest supply chain strategy possible.

Benefits include:

• Reduced operation costs
• Increased productivity
• Improved safetymobile tracking
• Increased customer satisfaction
• Decreased fuel costs
• Control over work hours
• Decreased insurance cost

Go4 Communications Vehicle & Mobile Tracking

Here at Go4, we aim to provide the best and cheapest business services in the UK. This can be seen throughout our range of products which include – business mobile & vehicle tracking, business energy, phone and broadband, as well as, card processing.

We offer the same products as our competitors, only we are the cheapest. Your business could be saving thousands each year by switching to Go4, and to us, that is just good business sense. Our award winning customer care team will help make the switch as hassle-free as possible, alleviating you of most or all of the work.

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