Small Business – Mobile Marketing Tips

mobile marketing tipsIt is thought that by 2020 – almost 90% of shopping will be done online, with a massive increase in mobile sales expected as a result. This increase will mean that all business owners will have to make the relatively big step and move online, as well as, start to sell online. It is a trend that was always going to happen as it appears that everything is going online such as communicating, banking and learning. People are spending more and more time on the internet, so it would be foolish not to target them through such a medium.

3 Great Mobile Marketing Tips

Below are some great mobile marketing tips to help your small business succeed with mobile selling:

1. Great Customer Service – Customer service on mobile devices comes in the form of ‘ease of use’. This means that their experience on your mobile website should be flawless. Having a mobile-friendly website will make it easy for your customers to view products, and thus, make a purchase. Your mobile website must be conversion-fiendly, this will also increase the likelihood of making sales. Customers shouldn’t have to look for the purchase or subscription option, it should be on every page.

2. Giveaways – Entice your customers with a giveaway or competition. This will create a buzz around your brand, as well as, increase customer satisfaction. Customer experience is everything when it comes to E-commerce, whether that be on a mobile device or not. Making your customers feel appreciated will guarantee repeat business, this is Ecommerce 101.

3. Be Brief – With mobile marketing, you only get a limited number of words so as to get your message across. This means that what you say has to be on-point and catchy. Otherwise, users are going to get bored and disinterested. A happy customer is the best and cheapest marketing available to businesses of every size!

One of our clients, a sporting good store owner from Devon said recently – “Online and mobile selling has become such a crucial part of our business, year on year. The new broadband service in the area has allowed this to be, as before it was very slow. We are delighted with how our business is progressing and very much looking forward to the future.”

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Mobile Marketing Tips by – David Monaghan.