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faster broadband service

Benefits of faster broadband service for SMEs

In the modern business world, having a faster broadband service can make or break, especially rural businesses. For a business that sells online, you must have a broadband service that can keep up with the needs and the demands that…

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UK business broadband

UK Business Broadband Jargon-Buster

A recent study conducted by the firm daisy has found that more than a quarter of SME owners find the technology involved in their broadband connectivity to be a confusing issue. Educating yourself on the digital services you can’t do…

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energy contracts

Roll-over energy contracts see SMEs lose millions

A recent study has found that UK SMEs are losing millions by being locked into energy contracts without their consent. The study which was carried out by revealed that just over 18% of SMEs had contracts that rolled over…

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save money for your business

Tips to save money for your business

When starting out in business or even if you have been doing it for awhile, it can be sometimes hard to increase your operating profit, reduce costs and save money for your business. As an SME telecommunications company, we understand…

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superfast broadband

Small Businesses to see better broadband service

Telecoms industry regulator Ofcom has called for an amalgamated effort from both government and industry with the aim of improving small business broadband services. A recent study shone light on a number of areas that need improvement and Ofcom want…

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mobile marketing tips

Small Business – Mobile Marketing Tips

It is thought that by 2020 – almost 90% of shopping will be done online, with a massive increase in mobile sales expected as a result. This increase will mean that all business owners will have to make the relatively…

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switching landline provider

Switching Landline provider? Here’s how!

Switching landline providers can seem like a hellish task, especially now there are so many companies to choose from. With that, there are now so many other services and bundles to choose from, which include – broadband, TV and mobile….

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mobile tracking

Mobile Tracking & Your Business

Tom Fairclough, CEO of a small logistics firm in South Wales has said: “Mobile tracking has allowed our business to increase the time in which we deliver our goods, which in turn, has had a knock-on effect in terms of…

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reducing operating costs

Small Business Advice – Reducing Operating Costs

Are you an SME or a start-up business? If so, you will be well aware of the ever increasing challenge of reducing operating costs of your business, both here in the UK and abroad. Last year, 59% of SME business…

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