Small Businesses to see better broadband service

Telecoms industry regulator Ofcom has called for an amalgamated effort from both government and industry with the aim of improving small business broadband services. A recent study shone light on a number of areas that need improvement and Ofcom want all parties involved to come up with a creative solution.

There are currently 5.2 million SMEs in the UK, all of which play a vital role in improving economic growth. These SMEs count for 99.9% of total UK businesses, 60% of private-sector employment, as well as, 47% of business revenue. Having top-quality telecommunications and a better broadband service is of utmost importance for the survival of UK SMEs.

SMEs Input – We need a better broadband service

James Breen, a graphic designer from East Devon said recently – “As a graphic designer, my business relies heavily better broadband serviceon my computer and my broadband service. It allows me to send files and designs quickly and easily, as well as, increase business through other online mediums. This new plan will further consolidate what we have already built here and gives us renewed hope as we move forward. SMEs have such a positive impact on the UK and it’s economy, so these improvements to the broadband network will benefit everyone.”

Better Broadband Service with Go4 Communications

Go4 have been working with thousands of small to medium enterprises for years and really understand how important having a better broadband service is to their business. Go4 aim to be the biggest broadband provider to SMEs as they move forward.

Go4 CEO Alan Gray has said – “SMEs are the reason why this country is so great as they provide a lot for this nation in terms of employment and growth. We welcome any changes that are going to have a positive effect on SMEs, and the nation as a whole.”

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